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School Visits

With Cathy Stenquist and Erica Leigh

 for the 2023-2024 School Year

We are a Mother-Daughter team who wrote and illustrated FOREVER HOME,
an award-winning picture book about animal rescue and adoption.


We would love to visit your school!

Meeting an author and illustrator inspires students to see the creative possibilities in their own lives.  


Our Presentations:

  • Are creative, engaging, and interactive with surprise elements.

  • Offer topics for Pre-K to HS

  • Use examples from the development and publishing of "Forever Home."

  • Are offered Virtually or In-Person

Our comprehensive teacher's guide is FREE with booking.

  • The learning objectives and specific skills for this guide were based on the Massachusett's Guidelines for Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Experiences.

  • It will help teachers to meet their curriculum requirements. 

  • And provide them with interesting activities to expand upon our visit. 


L-R: Illustrator, Erica Leigh,

Author, Cathy Stenquist

and rescue puppy, Honey

Presentation Options

Let's Write a Story Together

    Presenters: BOTH Cathy Stenquist - Author,                                      Fee: $400

                          and Erica Leigh - Illustrator

    Age Range: Gr 3-5

    Students will:

  • Listen to Cathy Stenquist read "Forever Home." A writer needs to read!

  • Understand Fiction v.s. Non-fiction and the different genre's of books you can write.

  • Learn the 5 important ingredients in a story: Character, Setting, Plot, Theme, Conflict.

  • Create their own character, setting, plot and resolution.

  • Understand the importance of Critique and Revision.

  • Help Erica Leigh do a character design of their character. 

Screen Shot 2022-07-16 at 12.50.04 PM.png

I Want to be an Illustrator!

    Presenter: Erica Leigh - Illustrator                                          Fee: $200      Age Range:  All Ages                     

    Students will:

  • Learn the parts of a picture book and the 1st steps in planning illustrations. 

  • Understand how illustrations work with text to tell the story.

  • Participate in Character Design.

  • Explore the storyboard and other important Illustrator Tools

  • Learn about steps needed to perfect an illustration: Research Reference and Revision

  • Optional Add-On: ($50): Author Cathy Stenquist will come and read her book FOREVER HOME to your students.

Kids Drawing

Making "Forever Home"

    Presenters: BOTH Cathy Stenquist - Author                           Fee: $400

                          and Erica Leigh - Illustrator

    Age Range: Gr 3-5

     Students will:

  • An abbreviated version of BOTH "I Want to be an Author" and

      "I Want to be an Illustrator."

  • Optional: Cathy Stenquist reading Forever Home 

  • Discuss how text + pictures = picture book

  • A peek inside their Writer and Illustrator Tool Boxes

  • Follow the development of BOTH text and illustrations for "Forever Home."

  • Possible surprise visit by Erica Leigh's rescue puppy, Honey! (Available for Virtual visits only)

Children in Classroom

 I Want to be an Author!

   Presenter: Cathy Stenquist - Author                                  Fee: $200

   Age Range: PreK - Kindergarten

   Students will:

  • Listen to author Cathy Stenquist read "Forever Home." 

  • Learn what makes a book a picture book

  • The answer is Read, Read. Read! Learn what the question is.

  • Discuss where a writer gets their ideas

  • Get a peek inside the Writer's Tool Box

  • Discover the question every writer needs to ask: "What If?"

  • See that even published authors don't get their story right the first time and need to "Revise" and "Critique" to make their book better.

Screen Shot 2022-07-16 at 12.07.51 PM.png

Community Helpers

     Presenter: Cathy Stenquist - Author                             Fee: $200

    Age Range: Pre K- Kindergarten

    Students will:

  • Listen to Cathy Stenquist read "Forever Home." 

  • Learn what Community Helpers are.

  • Discover who the helpers are in "Forever Home" and how they helped the kittens.

  • Discuss who the helpers are in their neighborhood

  • Answer the question - "Can I be a helper too?"

  • See real-life examples of age appropriate ways children and their families can make a difference.

  • Take away an awareness of who the helpers are they can depend on and the good ways being a helper makes you feel.

Donation Boxes

 for the 2023-2024 School Year

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