About Cathy

When Sir Scott-a-Lot rode up on his mighty steed, the white Regal with red interior, Cathy knew she had found her handsome prince. Soon the cathedral bells rang loud and strong announcing their union.  Their castle in the New England hillside proved an ideal place to raise their two little princes and princess.  Now with castles of their own, Cathy loves when she hears the galloping sound of hooves announcing the arrival of her progeny, four grand-princesses and the newest little grand-prince for the weekly feast.  


Cathy has always loved kayaking around the moat, daydreaming about stories and then cuddling up in the castle turret, looking out over her kingdom to write. She is delighted to be publishing her first picture book, Forever Home, based on the true rescue of her two kittens, Lady Angel and Lady Camille.  

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In addition to her writing, Cathy found a use for all the discarded  "Royal Happenings" magazines she has collected.  She creates three - dimensional recycled collage art from them, "painting" with the colors of the images.   Cathy has also been known to sneak down to the pantry and larder to gather provisions to make a sumptuous feast featuring the harvest from her garden. Her favorite weekend activity is cooking along with the chefs on PBS (aka: Picture Book Saucery). 

Writing Awards


2020 Boston Author's Club

Discovery Award honoree- 2nd Place

for her picture book manuscript, I Wish I Were.


The contest was open to participants who live within 100 miles of Boston and who have not had a picture book traditionally published. This is the first year the BAC honored picture books. They were looking for "well-crafted stories with distinct voices."


Cathy is honored to be recognized by this prestigious group, who have had as its members, an amazing history of authors and Illustrators such as - Willa Cather,

Julia Ward Howe, Mark Twain and and Robert Louis Stevenson.



"Lovely and charming! ... the structure is perfect, and it was lots of fun to read aloud to my son... I can see why they chose you - you are a magical wordsmith. : )"

- Peter H. Reynolds - Author Illustrator