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Well Done, My Good and Faithful Servant

I didn't expect to be crying at breakfast this morning about someone I have never met, but the passing of beautiful @Nightbirde has touched my soul.

In August of 2021, I first saw @Nightbirde on AGT. In a carousel of sometimes unusual performances, she stopped time for her audience that night, as she poured out her feelings about her cancer journey into her song "It's OK". Please take a moment and watch this

What got me was not only her beautiful lyrics and voice, but the message. She seemed to be one of God's angels sent to tell us after a year of Covid what we needed to hear.

This beautiful and faith-filled songbird has changed many lives in her short time on this planet with her faith and optimism. Her courage in fighting her cancer hits particularly close to home for me. There are two young women in my life that have fought the good fight, My precious daughter Erica Leigh and Cassidy.

Erica Leigh and I

It was only a few years ago that my own precious "Nightbirde", my daughter Erica Leigh, was diagnosed with thyroid cancer that threatened to take away not only her beautiful voice, but her life. Erica's courage to take this cross she was given, bear it, endure and overcome to create a beautiful new life for herself is nothing short of inspiring. We were extremely blessed. By the grace of God, and the miraculous surgeon, Dr. Randolph at Mass General, my sweet Erica Leigh has survived, and now many years cancer-free, we are looking forward to her marrying the love of her life in June.

Cassidy and the book I sent her.

And sweet Cassidy, whose journey I have followed for awhile now. (See one of her "Candid with Cassidy" fireside chats here.) Her optimism, sense of humor, courage and openness to share her cancer journey at such a young age is beyond words. Like @Nightbirde, I have never met Cassidy and yet, I feel like she is part of my family. There are some who can touch your soul from miles away. Cassidy is one of those people.

My very own "Cassidy Original."

Recently she sent me one of her original paintings she auctioned off to support kids with cancer and to make her way to Veterinary Camp. It now hangs in a place of honor in my studio. Like @Nightbirde and Erica Leigh, her words and courageous example will continue to mold and change me for the better.

Hearing this morning, that @Nightbirde had passed after such a gallant and brave fight, brought me to tears. Tears of sadness that the world has lost such an inspiring soul, but also tears of happiness for her. Her faith in God shined through every moment of her life, and now at last she is free and by His side. I could almost hear the words we all hope to hear one day...

After my mother passed last March, I struggled with the fact that she was gone

and asked her to come to bring me peace.

That night, she came to me in a dream and said ,

"Cathy, You have no idea. It is more than you can imagine."

@Nightbirde, I hope it is more than you you ever imagined :)

Rest in peace. Your heart-felt message of trust and joy

will continue to send out ripples in to the world.


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