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Honoring my precious "12+" on Grandparent's Day

On this Grandparent's Day, I remember not only my own grandparents, who I love and miss terribly...but the many precious ones I have adopted over the years. My husband, granddaughters and I are richly blessed to have known and loved them. Here are a few of my favorite photos.

Cathy and Hadleigh Stenquist and Don LaRoche

On this warm winter stroll, Don was so proud remember his pitching days,

hitting the small tree outside with some snowballs

Phil fixing his friend Don's coffee just how he knew Don liked it.

L-R: Carolyn, Me, Don, Phil and Vinnie

Me and my dearest friend, Carolyn

Gladys meets Hadleigh

Carolyn, Hadleigh and I

Hadleigh visiting her friend Barbara and Silvia on Halloween.

Carolyn and Baby Hadleigh.

L-R: My dearest friends Tom and Scotty on one of our many visits with Hadleigh.

Our last visit with Tom.

New friends!

Tom loved to buy Hadleigh a strawberry ice cream.

L-R: Me, Tom, Scott and Carolyn

Hadleigh telling her adopted grandmother, Carolyn she loved her.

Look at this photo...

The kind of precious love that can grow between strangers

is what adopting grandparents is all about.

We miss you all more than I can say

and are better for having know and loved you all.

Happy Heavenly Grandparents Day!


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