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Hungry, cold and alone, two orphaned kittens wonder if they will ever feel safe and loved again. When they are rescued by an animal shelter, they learn that finding their forever home takes patience and a bit of luck.

I was inspired to write FOREVER HOME after adopting two rescue kittens, Angel and Camille from a local shelter.  The experience of welcoming them to our home, and sharing 17 years of love, laughter and mischief, stirred the desire in me to share their story.   

In publishing FOREVER HOME, I hope to reach out to local bookstores, classrooms and shelters, and use this story to encourage conversation with children about the importance of rescuing and adopting animals. It is my hope for all animals in shelters, to find their own forever homes where they can be valued and loved.

May also be ordered through your local Independent Bookshops
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