Visiting Aesop's Fables Book Shop.

Small Business

I am very excited that
local bookstores and shops are now carrying
"Forever Home." 


  • Fiskes General Store

  • Aesop's Fable

  • Kamala

  • Hopkinton Drug


Clever books made of concrete!

Walking in Nature + Stories = Family Fun

The author and the first Story Walk station

So thrilled to foster reading along with getting out in nature. Win! Win!

Enjoying the Story Walk

Illustrator, Erica Leigh, shares with her nieces how she drew the illustrations.

Station 11 The children first see the rescued kittens.

Sharing Our Story

Local HCAT-TV host, Chryso Lawless, interviewing the author and illustrator about their book, FOREVER HOME. Airing date -TBD.

Filming with HCAT-TV

Recording an upcoming segment on Holliston's Rail Trail Story Walk.

Baypath Humane Society

So happy that I am able to promote Baypath and all the good work they do for animals and their new families.