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About Forever Home

Hungry, cold and alone, two orphaned kittens wonder if they will ever feel safe and loved again. When they are rescued by an animal shelter, they learn about the kindness of others and that finding their forever home will take a little patience.

It's Spring! Kitten and puppies waiting to be adopted abound. Snuggle up and share this heartwarming, true tale of home and family. Children of all ages will love the water color illustrations and sweet lyrical text.


Reading "Forever Home" will foster meaningful sharing of your own family pet adoption stories and the wonderful community helpers who care for them. 

Included in the book are activity ideas for the whole family suggesting how you can reach out to support your own local animal shelter.

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Exciting News!

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York
Forever Home!

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Honey, here...
I was adopted from

Baypath Humane Society

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