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My Book Signing Thank you


Bold phrases are sung to ("5... Golden... Rings...)

On the day I got the email

the owner said to me

Could you come 11 to 3?

Gathering up my items

my husband said to me:

Here's a big hug,

and a hot cup of chamomile tea.

On the day of my visit

I feel so joyfully.

Can’t wait to do this!

Meeting with the children,

An author’s what I wanted to be.

Lugging my book bag

The owner said to me:

I'm here to help you,

So glad you came

Here is your spot

Is there any thing else you might need?

As I set up my table

a vendor said to me:

How I love cats!

So glad you're here.

This is fun

I'm over there

She was as sweet as a person could be.

In the first hour of signing,

a small boy said to me,

My name is Emmett

I love your cats!

I like writing too

Who wrote this?

Guess how old I am?

My baby brother is three.

In the next hour of signing

12 voices sung to me

All the favorite carols

I was getting misty

Are those your cats?

I have two cats too

one's "Meow-Meow"

and then there's "Lilly belle"

Then I smiled and gladly signed three.

My precious cats: Angel and Camille, How I miss them!

While waiting at my table

a vendor said to me:

My cats have helped me...

deal with my cancer...

My heart was touched...

Gifted her a book

signed, "To Jean"

Both our hearts were full

Then I cried into my chamomile tea.

Jean, If you see this... I will never forget you.

Your courage, strength and joy despite it all, reminded me of what is really important.

Sneaking up the stairway,

my grandie peeked at me:

Grammie, it is Miller

we came to see you

Look at my t-shirt

I'm feeling hungry

I miss your cats!

Are you selling books?

Let's go home.

What is in your cup?

Just my frosty, cold chamomile tea.

Me with three of my grandaughters: Hadleigh, MIller and Quinn

On the tenth of the hour

A sweet teen said to me

Can I have a Kit-Kat?

I really like them

Kitties are amazing

Mines russian blue

But she passed away

Goodbye is so hard!

I want another cat

fingers crossed

Hope they let me soon

Really, how sweet would that be?

A beautiful Russian Blue.

In the last few minutes

a grandma asked of me:

Do you do school visits?

His class would like one

Maybe after Christmas?

Feeling very grateful

Hugs are the best

When a friend stopped by

I miss my cats

They are touching hearts

and teaching

families to adopt

and it makes me so very happy

If you're a cat person... you know.

On the way home from signing

my head is spinning round:

12 Men were singing

11 Children laughing

10 Books a-signing

9 Ladies chatting

8 Men a-waiting

7 Pets adopted

6 Stories sharing

5 grateful moments

4 crying toddlers

3 granddaughters

2 new friends

Yes, it's time for some chamomile tea.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by yesterday at Hopkinton Card & Gift.

Special thanks to Julia- for the invite. You have such a beautiful store!

To Julie- for your friendship and ever present smile.

To Jean-who was such a blessing and inspiration.

To my family and grandkids for their never-ending support. When you surprise me at these events it makes my day.

and lastly to Emmett- Keep on writing! Can't wait to buy your book one day and have it signed :)

See you at the next event!

Purchase signed book for the Holidays on my website.

Local pick-up available.

How I miss my writing buddy, Camille


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