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A story in just 50 words? Come on....

A sneak peek at my 46-word submission.

As a writer, I need to build many things into my story to capture the readers attention and make reading it a satisfying experience:

  1. An awesome beginning with an immediate inciting incident. No dilly-dallying here :)

  2. Just the right perspective in which to tell the story: 1st, 2nd or 3rd person POV.

  3. A story arc with plenty of tension.

  4. An important problem that has to be overcome that my future child reader will relate to.

  5. A period of time when all seems like it is going well. And then...

  6. Boom! An unexpected problem.

  7. A satisfying ending that surprises and delights

And all, while leaving room for an illustrator to do their magic.

EricaLeigh Art creating her magic for my book FOREVER HOME.

In a typical picture book manuscript, I have around 500 words to use. Now, imagine doing all this in 50 precious words! Precious is the key-word here, folks... each and every word has to move the story along and be on trial for its life. And what if I want to rhyme?


Well this week it was time to decide what I was going to submit to @Vivian Kirkfield's

#50preciouswords International Contest. Click on this link to see the awesome submissions and perhaps to enter your own)

This morning I browsed through my writing, and found the one, and bravely hit the submit button one again. I believe this is my 5th year submitting to #50preciouswords. Woohoo!

Through the years....

Some attempts have been a bit wild

Fifty extra points if you can read this out loud.

 (Inspired by IZ DU TAK by Carson Ellis)

Some have even made it into a real book!

(This entry + a few more words, became my book, FOREVER HOME)

But the exercise of writing small NEVER disappoints and more than not, leads to a picture book manuscript. I never know what might inspire me. This year, I am entering a poem that I wrote during my wonderful classes with Renee La Tulippe's Lyrical Language Lab. What a class! I highly recommend it for any writer. (Click on this link to learn more.)


With out further adieu...

Here is my 2024 entry - at a mere 46 words- A CHANGE OF PLANS. Fingers crossed!


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